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Artist of the Moment Monday: Tion Wayne- I Dunno Featuring Dutchavelli and Stormzy

I dunno, I dunno, I dunno… If it’s one genre of music that I get excited for these days, it’s definitely GRIME. I feel that because Grime music is a fresh genre from the 2000s, […]

Work of Art Wednesday: Fat Bat Dana

I truly don’t know what it is about this character (actually I do know what it is), but I gravitated towards Dana from the first time I seen a picture of her. I believe the reason why I gravitated to her was because she reminded me of me. Her style and personality somewhat reflects mine.

When I was younger and beginning my teen phase, I was that black girl who didn’t talk or act black according to my black peers. I dressed like a punk rocker or goth (there’s clearly a difference between the Punk and Goth culture), enjoyed anime, was somewhat of a demagogue who had a very witty and sarcastic personality (still do), and was a lover of rock music. This depiction of a black girl was a taboo during my era. I wasn’t allowed to exist in the world according to society, yet I did.