Trump’s Tax Returns: Is This a Reality TV Show?

taxes-is-that-spanishSo,  I know I cannot be the only person in the world that literally feels that our American news is like a political realty show. Every time I pull up a news article or some sort of news media, the first thing I think is, “DAMN, is this truly what American politics has come to? This is truly reality TV at its finest.”

Well, like usual, our greatest president of all time[I hope you all realize that’s sarcasm] is in the spotlight yet AGAIN. I don’t think there’s been a time through Trump’s presidency where he hasn’t had the spotlight centered in on him. From talks of building a wall, to talks of releasing his tax returns [which clearly is the hot topic at capitol hill at the moment], Trump still hasn’t learned the virtue within the power of silence. Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid. The more Trump talks, the more of a hole he digs for himself. But is he really digging a hole for himself?

Trump spoke on several occasions that he would release his tax returns to the public. Now that he’s actually being asked to release his taxes, the world’s greatest president is refusing to do so.

Woooohhands clap round of applause for Trump once again not doing what he says he’s going to do. But, why should he anyways? shurg emoji

Ok, so the world wants to see Trump’s tax return, just because other presidents gave authorization to the IRS to do so in the past. It’s like an American tradition. One thing you don’t do in America is break a tradition[even if the tradition is pointless an uncultured]. Even though Trump may be the current US President, he still has rights. One of those rights just so happens to be not disclosing his tax information, which, isn’t against the law. Yes, other presidents have released their tax returns in the past, but it’s actually not required by law to do so. So now the world’s picking at Trump because he’s exercising his right to not disclose his tax records, even though he said he would willingly do so[Click here to see how many times he said he would].

Round of applause once again. WHO CARES! swearing-smiley

Is releasing his taxes going to help Americans obtain stable housing? Is releasing a copy of his taxes going to help felons obtain a job so that they can actually help feed their kids instead of resorting back to prison because nobody’s willing to hire them due to checking a box that states they are a criminal? A tax return seems pretty redundant at this point if you ask me.

Here’s my big question, what is releasing Trump’s tax records going to do for the current state of America? I doubt that this is going to stop people from supporting him. Look at all the negative remarks he has made and he’s still in the white house[maybe even for a second term for all we know]. I’m just saying, what would releasing his tax returns to the public really do? Can you really defame him? Seems kind of hard to defame him. All media is good media to Trump. Like reality TV not seeming like reality, politics is operating like a reality show. I know I’m not the only one looking like this emoji swearing-smiley every time i turn on the news. I’m like “What’s on Love N the White House tonight.”

Nobody’s looking for the realness of the story, they’re just looking for ratings. The one thing that keeps realty TV relevant is DRAMA. That’s what politics have become, a dramatic realty show. Forget Love N Hip Hop, we have Love N the White House [I really wouldn’t be surprised if Trump scripted everything that’s going on in the white house to keep the world distracted from what’s really happening, but that’s for another blog].

It’s so sad to watch society be concerned about a man’s tax returns instead of being concerned about the welfare of the people in the states.
My last question though….
When’s the season finale of Love N the White House? I don’t know about you all, but I’m ashamed to see how our country is being represented at this point. It’s time to bring on a new cast in the white house, because this show has become outdated and overrated.