Artist of the Moment: Snow Tha Product- Say B****


“Say B****! Sa-sa-sa-say b****!”

Cool, spiritual, hard-working, and business oriented. Her lyrics definitely bring a hardcore vibe. This Chicana won my pick for artist of the moment.

Girl you brought some life back to me with your unique hip hop flow. ORIGINALITY! That is what Snow Tha Product brings to the table with every rhyme.

Claudia Feliciano [June 24th, 1986], aka Snow Tha Product, is a bilingual singer, rapper, actress, and overall entrepreneur. Her name isn’t inspired by drugs y’all (we all know what drug snow refers to, I don’t got to tell you that), and it’s definitely not in regards to her race (because she considers herself brown), but it’s actually inspired by Snow White, the Disney princess believe it or not. Born in San Jose, California, but raised in San Diego, Snow is actually of Mexican descent. She has been performing on stage since the age of 6. She did school talent shows, but also did performances alongside her grandfather in a mariachi band. Snow had a strong passion for music and always seemed to have known it. Snow graduated high school and then attended San Diego Mesa College. Even though she was going to school for social work, she decided to drop out of college and pursue her passion.

Snow started recording and doing songs in Spanish and caught the attention of Jaime Cohen. They made a song called “Alguien“, which brought more attention to the Chicana artist. She then relocated to Texas in 2010 and performed at the Southby Southwest Festival. She then released her album “Unorthadox” and her single “Drunk Love” in 2011, which both went viral. She has since then been releasing music and has been on a roll.

She has been chosen as my artist of the moment simply because she breaks the stereotype of today’s hip hop artist. She’s not your average chick that you see spitting bars and she has no shame in letting you know that. She’s confident not only within herself, but also her lyrical capabilities. She’s lyrically versatile, which is something that is always a bonus for an artist.
I came across Snow searching through Youtube (like usual) looking for new music to enjoy. While searching through Youtube, I came across Snow’s video “Say Bi***“. I seen the name “Snow Tha Product” and thought a few things:
“She calls herself snow, because of her complexion, and the she’s the product she’s pushing (smart). ” In other words, she’s pushing lyrics. Then, I stared at her a little more and was like, “Where is she from?”. I assumed because of the title of the song, that this was just going to be another new-gen bulls*** anthem. So I took the risk of clicking the link and was taken back! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS was all I could say when the song finished! Catchy hook, bars, real lyrics (she’s actually saying words), and her flow was just different. I had to put the song on repeat. Then I decided to listen to more of her material, and was impressed with everything I was hearing. Not only are her songs relatable, but she also speaks on real issues, such as Trump, diversity, immigration, and the list goes on.
So yes Snow, you keep pushing the product girl, I love what I’m hearing.

Here’s 3 of her songs that I’m rocking with: