Follow Them Friday: Brother Rizza Islam

Happy Friday & Happy Sabbath (if it’s sunset & Friday where you are).
This Friday we have “Follow Them Friday”, where I suggest people that you should be following. Now, you all know I love realness and am all about truth, so of course I follow people I believe share those qualities. This week we have Brother Rizza Islam.

Rizzla Islam [March 17th, 1990] aka Brother Rizza Islam, was born in Compton, California. The city of Compton comes with a hardcore reputation. Compton is one of the oldest cities in California and was established May 11th, 1888. Compton has had some rough patches on the history timeline. From historical protest, to being coined as California’s most dangerous city, Compton has a rather unique history. Brother Rizza Islam is the youngest of his 10 siblings [5 girls and 5 boys]. Coming from Compton, could you imagine what Brother Rizza Islam was exposed to… Gang violence, drugs, and other aspects of the hood.
Brother Rizza Islam wanted to help change the conditions of the people within his community. From the age of 9, Bro. Rizza Islam was a humanitarian. He always had a heart for uplifting his people. He was attending World Literacy Crusade where he started tutoring. The first kid he helped tutor, helped Brother Rizza Islam realize his gift. From then, Brother Rizza Islam has been blessing his community with his knowledge and now, the world. He went from a tutor to a course supervisor in his teens, and has evidently been moving up since.
I’ve been following this brother for some time now. He caught my attention through Instagram. I believe I came across this brother when he was talking about the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (got to put respect next to that name ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽). You will learn something new everyday watching Brother Rizza Islam’s videos. You want truth, well he will give it to you. He drops knowledge on subjects such as, why you shouldn’t get your kids vaccinated, the real meaning of Thanksgiving, Hip Hop culture, and the list goes on. This man backs everything up with facts and references. His charisma helps him stand out, but his intellect is what will draw you in.

It takes a real voice these days to not follow the trend of man and to express truth. A lot of these celebrities rather get paid to keep quiet so that they can live their luxurious lifestyles. There’s a lot of issues in the world that need to be discussed and anyone who utilizes their platform to help enlighten and educate people for betterment, has got my attention. You can follow Brother Rizza Islam on Instagram.

Keep dropping that knowledge my brother ✊🏽!