Music Monday’s Artist of the Moment: Mysonne- F*** Gucci

A man with a mentality of a king and a love for hip hop. This artist always sends out a message with every song he drops. This week’s artist of the moment is Mysonne.

Mysonne E. Linen [May 16th, 1976], who uses his government name as his artist moniker, has been established in the rap game since the early 90s. He was born in a hip hop breeding ground, Bronx, New York. Not only is the man a good basketball player, which was a sport he played in high school, but he’s also an intelligent brother who attended college and majored in criminal justice. Despite having two paths that he could’ve easily pursued, he realized his passion for music was much stronger.

His rap career took off in the late 90s when he began rapping with a crew called Wanna Blow Entertainment. While his name grew as being a hardcore rapper in the rap battle world, he eventually signed to two major labels, Violators Management and the infamous Def Jam.

In 1999, the same year of his debut with Def Jam, he was convicted of 2 counts of armed robbery. He was given a 7 to 14 year sentence. He came back out in the summer of 2006. Mysonne received so much support and fan mail while locked up, once he came out, he was eager to hit the studio.
Now he has proclaimed himself as a Civil Rights Artist and has been dropping music since he’s been released from prison. The world of hip hop has changed so much since his release, but Mysonne has found a way to stay current.

I’ve been following Mysonne for some years. I came across him when I heard a counteraction song he did to Hopsin’s Ill Mind 7 (one of the illest tracks of time). In the song, Hopsin is rapping about God and questioning his existence. Hopsin asked some of the same questions that many are scared to say out loud, “Is heaven real is it fake, is it really how I fantasize it? Where’s the hold ghost at? How long does it take a man to find it?”. Mysonne heard this track and passed on some positive words to Hopsin about God’s presence using the same beat instead of criticizing the rapper for his thoughts. Most rappers would have dissed Hopsin, but Mysonne came in like a mentor to Hopsin, which is something that I can’t help but to respect ✊🏾.

Mysonne always carries a message with his lyrics, which is why I chose him for this week after hearing his new song “F*** Gucci“. Yes, once again Gucci, the Italian luxurious fashion brand, has once again showed their racism (like they do every few years) by producing black face sweaters and Mysonne is sending a message to Gucci. “If you wear Gucci, you violate the law.”