Artist of the Moment Monday: Collie Buddz

Not only does this man make good music, but I got an opportunity to see him in concert. My artist of the moment this week is the one and only Collie Buddz.

Colin Harper[8/21/1984] known by his moniker Collie Buddz, is a prestige reggae artist from the lovely island of Bermuda. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but moved back to Bermuda after his father passed away when he was 4 years of age. His older brother known as Smokey introduced him to reggae music and around the age of 12, he knew the in and outs of the studio. His brother eventually relocated to Canada to study audio engineering. At age 19, Collie Buddz decided to attend Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida and pursued a degree in audio engineering. He finished his degree within 13 months of attending Full Sail. He then linked back up with his brother in Canada to pursue his goal of becoming a music producer.

When Collie Buddz began his journey as a music producer, he was having a hard time finding artist that had the quality and unique sound he was looking for. Since Collie Buddz couldn’t really find any artist, he decided to make the music himself. Collie Buddz would run between the mixing booth and vocal booth so that he could layer and record tracks (being an artist myself, I can understand that struggle). He continued to do this and developed track after track. At this point, he claimed the name Collie Buddz and has been touring the world since. During touring, he found time to create new material.

Collie Buddz has had nothing but success in the music world. I have been a long time fan since his breakout single “Come Around”. What I truly enjoy about his music is the quality. I can’t think of a bad Collie Buddz song. You can tell he’s in it for the love of the music and you can feel the energy of his lyrics every time you play one of his songs. When I went to his concert, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was so hyped in the crowd, you would’ve thought I was really in the Caribbean partying. He brought out the real Caribbean vibes! I’ve been to a lot of concerts over the years and have come across many artist who don’t sound like their music on stage, but Collie Buddz sounds the same on stage. He brought a lot of his culture to his show and A LOT of energy. In the States, the culture of reggae music is a lot different from the Caribbean culture. A part of me was a little worried that the show would be more Americanized, but it wasn’t that at all (THANK GOD).

Keep the music popping mi breddren!
Here’s 6 tracks by Collie Buddz that I chose. The first 3 are throwback tracks that I really enjoyed over the years (it was hard to choose just 3), and the last 3 tracks are more recent releases that I vibe to: