Funny Friday: Goofy & 50 Cent

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Happy Friday and soon to Sabbath for anybody who partakes in the Sabbath. So to end this crazy work week (I don’t have a work week haha) here is a funny video I found on Tik Tok (you all have to download this app). This guy impersonates Goofy, a Disney character, but he brings out the gangster side of Goofy instead of the sweet clumsy Goofy we’re use to. This video is in reference to rapper 50 Cent and how everybody seems to owe his money. I don’t know what 50 Cent’s tactics are in regards to getting his money back, but how he operates on the internet, he will troll you. I can’t help but to love this man, I grew up on 50 Cent and all I can say is, I HOPE I DON’T EVER HAVE TO OWE THIS MAN MONEY 🤣 !