Word Wednesday: “A Soldier’s Last Words”

Here’s a poem I wrote back in high school. I found it while going through old files dating back to elementary school. I don’t know what inspired me to write this, but here it is….

As I head to the airport with tears in my eyes,
I look at my wife as I kiss her goodbye.
I hug my son and say “Take care of everyone in the house”,
He said “I will dad”, without a doubt.
Then I pick up my daughter as she started crying tears,
She hugged me and said “Please daddy, don’t go anywhere.”
“Daddy you promised you would stay longer, but you’re leaving again.”
I looked at her and shook my head.
I held her tight and told her “I’ll be back, okay sweety.”
But as I put her down, she wouldn’t let go of me.
I pull her off me and gave her a kiss,
Then I look at my wife’s stomach, because she’s pregnant.
I told her “I’ll be back before the baby’s born.”
Then she gazed at me and said “I hope so.”
I hug and kiss my wife one last time,
Then I run off because I can’t miss my flight.
As I got on the plane and buckled my seat,
I looked to the sky and started to day dream.
“Lord, I just wanna see another day,
So please bless me on this journey that I take.
I just want to come back home to my family in any way,
And nobody’s going to stop me, no how, no way.”
I close my eyes and fall asleep on the plane,
Just to wake up to this place that is insane.
I get off the plane, got my bags and my gun,
Then I get on the truck and watched as the people run.
I look around this place as we drive through the city,
Then I look at the dirt road and shake my head in pity.
“I can’t believe they sent me away,
I’m missing everything I love, especially my family.”
It’s only been a few hours, an I already want to be done with my time,
I want to take this gun to my head and put an end to my life.
But I stop and think about my family back home,
How much I love them and I can’t leave them alone.
Minutes go by, but the hours are slow.
Days are a drag, and the weeks follow.
The more months that go by,
The more tears that I cry.
It’s depressing to the mind,

And I missed the birth of Joel because of a delayed flight.
I’m trying to keep focus on my target, but it’s hard to concentrate.
It’s time to load my gun, but I seem to hesitate.
I lay in the dusty pit trying to point my gun straight,
I was still daydreaming until I felt a sharp pain.
My eyes grow big and my vision starts to fade.
My whole body weakens with the agonizing pain.
I feel another strike of the spear through my back.
I want to retaliate, but my body’s too weak to fight back.
Then the terrorist turned me over while watching the blood race,
He laughed when he seen the expression on my face.
He asked me, “Any last words you’d like to say?”
An I stare at him as he slowly fades away.
Before I blacked-out, I had some more breaths to take.
I’m dying slowly, so I can no longer talk straight.
I felt the spear go right through my chest,
My eyes rolled back as my body prepares to rest.
Now it’s all over and I’ll soon be out of this hectic place.
My last words to my family,
“Don’t worry about me, for I will see you at the gates.

God is keeping me with you even if I’m gone.
So always remember that this soldier is never too far.”