Freestyle Friday: Token


You already know my love for music. I get excited whenever I hear creativity on a track. These days it seems like creativity no longer exist in certain genres of music. I went through 3 different hip hop albums/mixtapes today, an only listened to 1 minute of each track, because it ALL sounded the same 🙄. I’m tired of hearing the same repetitive music on the radio. Originality is a rarity within this era of music, so it’s refreshing when you can find someone who can actually write or spit.

Not to digress, but I love Sway and occasionally catch his show Sway in the Morning. Sway has been one of the realest radio personalities to date and someone I followed since I was kid. He showed another side of the African-American culture that I didn’t get to see in my little city growing up. Sway is known for having artist come on and freestyle on his show. Sway doesn’t allow anybody to freestyle on his show, you have to have style, lyrics and originality to make it on his show. I was watching his show and came across this artist named Token. He’s original and has bars. This is what the music game needs more of, LYRICIST.

Happy Friday and Happy soon-to-be-Sabbath (depending on what part of the world you are on).