Music Monday’s Artist of The Moment Monday: Jah Cure

“Cure again. Come to give you more again.”
This week’s artist of the moment is Jah Cure.

If it’s one thing I’m for, it’s definitely the legalization of marijuana. With all the research provided about the benefits of marijuana, it’s surprising (not really) that it’s still illegal in certain areas. A plant that is heaven-scent in my eyes is still seen as an issue around the world (mainly because of the OLDER generation and elites). Jah Cure, a veteran in the reggae game, has brought us a new chune featuring Damian Marley. Jah Cure sings about marijuana and how it frees the mind. Damian Marley then comes in with his verse which sounds like he’s serenading to marijuana like she’s his passionate lover. Overall, the song is HOTTTTTTT! Jah Cure has been one of my favorites to listen to since I was a teen. It’s always exciting when he drops a knew track because his music always hits the soul.

Here are 3 random tracks that I vibe to by this artist: