Topic Tuesday: New Era Detroit (NED)

new era detroit

New Era Detroit ✊🏾…
I’m always talking about how the African diaspora needs to look at themselves as one people. No matter where we go, we’re all one and we’re on every nation. If we don’t look out for our own people, who’s really going to look out for us?

“Once we, AS A PEOPLE, accomplish becoming a COMMUNITY, Blacks in America will have the POWER our ancestors had in Ancient Africa.” – New Era Detroit

This line alone from the New Era Detroit website is beautiful and is showing the shift in the culture and consciousness of our people. I’m happy to see brothers and sisters uniting to do better for their communities.
New Era Detroit is a diverse group of brothers and sisters uniting to uplift their communities. I came across this group from a news report by CNN on how this group was distributing whistles and asking for donations so that they can give the woman whistles to protect themselves in the streets. They have their own “street code” with a list of ways to conduct themselves in the street. They are looking out for their own, shifting the consciousness of the culture, and uplifting their community. This is something that is needed throughout different African communities. We as a people have forgot how it is to look out for our neighbors, we’ve lost the love for thy people. New Era Detroit is bringing that love that’s needed to rejuvenate the African culture. Too often we see youths getting involved into the wrong things or wrong crowds simply because they were looking to belong to something. New Era Detroit is giving the youth something to be a part of that can grow them. A brotherhood and sister hood. No divide, no discrimination.

It is truly amazing that these breddrens and sistrens are taking their communities into their own hands. NED has different chapters throughout the US. You can check out their website for more information. Keep an eye out for NED, I can only see more achievements coming from this group.