Why Wednesday: Lack of Natural Beauticians

Can someone tell me how a lot of these girls that do hair, can do killer weaves, but can’t braid natural hair?

I’m all natural (As you should know by now) and I enjoy the essence of my natural hair and all its kinks. My husband (spiritually married smiley) has dreads. We had a conversation when we first started dating about dreads, and he said “Every lock has a story.” This man always speaks pure poetry in my ear, but of course forgets what he said later (got to love men). We love our hair in its natural state but due to our busy lifestyles, sometimes I’m not home to re-twist his hair, don’t have enough time to do his hair, or have enough time to do my hair. A good beautician is needed for our busy lifestyles, but why is it so hard to find a beautician that can do natural hair?

You would think that OUR (African diaspora) girls would know how to braid natural hair if they are able to put a weave in. Sadly, a lot of our girls can’t. I’m not even mad about it, because we haven’t had the proper knowledge on how to handle our hair. Black girls are use to seeing all these celebrities with weaves, so they follow the trend and get wrapped into this notion that they can only be beautiful with a weave.

Here’s my two cents. “To change the culture, you have to change the mindset.”
Being a woman of African descent, my whole life i have been criticized for not fitting the African-American stereotype. If it wasn’t for the way I talked, then it was about how I rocked my hair. I’m not even a baddie, a dime piece, or a ten, but imagine what other sisters that are considered a “baddie” have to deal with on the daily. Until we change the culture, the mindsets will remain the same.

Let’s start little by little. We need to start teaching our girls, daughters, and sistrens to learn how to braid, twist and dread hair. Even better, teach them how to take care of their hair. Teach what products to use and not to use. This basic knowledge can do so much for our girls to uplift their self-esteem. We need our brothers to step up and start appreciating our woman in their natural state. We all know the influence that the brother has. We have to use that influence so that our sisters can be confident within themselves, and also for our brothers to learn to appreciate the natural state of our sisters. It’s up to us to make the change and to help shift the consciousness for the next generations to come.