Artist of the Moment Monday: Remy Ma- Wake Me Up Featuring Lil’ Kim

I will always have memories of the year of 2008 and hearing that this queen may go to prison. I’m not going to trip, I almost cried tears. Remy Ma is a rapper from Bronx, New York. She was definitely one of my top influences when it came to the Ladies of Rap. I lived in pre-predominately white city when I was younger (Naples, Florida), so hip-hop on the radio was scarce. At the time we had one hip-hop station, which “kind of” played rap (what do you expect in a white city). Thank God for the internet, which is how I got into Remy Ma. I saw a video by Fat Joe one morning featuring Remy Ma, and was feeling her style. I can’t recall another female rap artist that captivated me like Remy Ma when I was younger next to Missy Elliot. I watched her infamous rap battle with Lady Luck, and have been a die hard fan since. My friends didn’t get into Remy Ma until she dropped her single “Conceited” and would ignore me talking about her. I was so excited for her to take off as an artist that hearing her going to prison devastated me. I listened to “There’s Something About Remy: Based on A True Story” over and over until the scratched CD couldn’t play anymore (CDs are like antiques now).

She’s my artist of the moment for this week. I’ve had this song on repeat all week.

Here are 3 random tracks by Remy Ma that I rock too as well: