Artist of the Moment Monday: Lizzo- Coconut Oil

This lady is having an amazing year. She is trending everywhere. Lizzo is this week’s Artist of the Moment with her track Coconut Oil.

This fluffy diva has been polluting the air waves. Not just with her unique melodic flavor, but also with her optimism.
I saw Lizzo on a swimsuit ad and the first thing I thought was, “YES! GET IT FLUFFY DIVA!”
Living in the States (US), you’ll see so much diversity, yet still so much prejudice and discrimination. The stereotypical portrayal of an American woman is to look like the original Barbie doll (plastic and fake), but the portrayal of an American woman has changed.
Growing up during my time (90s & 00s), it was a taboo to show a big girl in a swimsuit on TV. There was no way a big girl can wear a two piece promoting swimwear and it be considered “sexy”. This is one of the many reasons I love my (nu)millennial culture. We have lived through so much discrimination and bias during our time, that we have a more accepting and free-spirited culture. We applaud seeing a big girl looking sexy in swimwear, because during our time, it was unacceptable.
So a woman can’t have a little extra fluff on her and feel sexy? WRONG (and you clearly haven’t met me)!…
Not to digress, but I heard the song “Good as Hell” and then remembered that she had recently dropped a track called “Tempo” featuring Missy Elliot. I then decided to listen to more of her music. Not only was I impressed, but proud. It takes a lot of courage to be different from the rest of the crowd, yet still stand your ground. Her music has a very unique flavor that doesn’t fit the typical hip hop stigma, but we need more of that in the hip hop world. More diversity within hip hop to show that the African Diaspora is not a monolithic culture.
With that being said, KEEP THAT TEMPO BUMPING GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!