Artist of the Moment Monday: Popcaan- Firm and Strong

If it’s a song that I’ve been jamming to all month, it’s this one.
Popcaan is this week’s artist of the moment.

We are all trying to live our best lives out there and have so much to go through on a daily. To the more spiritual beings out there, we all have our struggles, but keep the faith in Jah, he will keep you firm and strong.

Popcaan is an artist I’ve been following for some years. His songs are always catching my ears’ attention. Whether he’s deejaying to a beat that turns me into a “Naughty Girl” for a minute, or reminding me why “Silence” is an important virtue, his songs seem to carry a deeper message. I feel some of us need reaffirmation to remind ourselves that God, Allah, Ra, Jehovah, YHWH (whatever you may associate the Lord with) is real and that we’re not alone on our spiritual journeys. This song is a little reaffirmation that Jah keeps us firm and strong. Here’s Popcaan with his track “Firm and Strong.”