Who Knew Wednesday: Des’ree- You Gotta Be

Do you 80s & 90s babies remember this song?

Who knew…

I’ve been coming across quite a few artist over the years that I didn’t know were part of the African Diaspora. How did I not know these artist were black? I listened to more radio back in the days, so I would hear a song before I would see the video. You know how many songs I have listened to over the years, know the track word for word, but didn’t see the video at the moment? It would be days, months, or even YEARS before I would see a music video.
During the 90s, I was rocking more to radio than TV. So me never seeing Des’ree, is somewhat understandable. So there’s a few popular songs from my era that I have sung (like I’m getting ready for choir practice) and had no clue the person singing was a sistren or breddren (sister or brother).

Here’s a reminder that the African Diaspora is not a monolithic culture. This also shows how diverse the culture of Hip Hop is. Here’s Des’ree with her track “Gotta Be“.