Artist of the Moment Monday: Sabrina Claudio- Stand Still

In today’s era of Hip Hop, you would believe R & B is placed on the back burner, but R & B little by little is making a come back. Sabrina Claudio is definitely one of those artist to help bring it back for this era, and she is this week’s artist of the week.

I was in one of my “suavemente” moods, and happened to come across Sabrina Claudio’s new song “Rumors“. Once I finished playing Rumors, my Youtube played “Stand Still” immediately after. I then played the song continuously throughout the week. I listen to so much music on Youtube that I never know what to expect from my Auto-Play.
Sabrina has a sultry voice which infuses beautifully with her jazzy and wavy type beats. Her music is sensual and passionate, but so are her videos. Sabrina proves that you don’t have to take your clothes off to grab someone’s attention.

Here’s Sabrina Claudio with her track Stand Still.