Trending Tuesday: Letter to Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis

Letter to Floridian Governor DeSantis [Snap Shot]

The 2018 elections for Florida’s Governor was a bittersweet moment for some of us Floridians. The mass majority of what’s considered to be the “minority” (clearly this isn’t based off population) in Florida were celebrating that Rick Scott was leaving office (that’s a discussion for another day) an also anticipating a candidate [Andrew Gillum] that some felt was “authentic“, which seems to be something a lot of these politicians lack these days, AUTHENTICITY. Unfortunately, Gillum did not win and Ron DeSantis was declared Governor of Florida. I can’t say that I was too happy with the results of the election, but I decided to not judge the new Florida Governor as yet. I wanted to give him an opportunity to show me why he’s meant to sit in the seat.

He won some cool points with trying to restore the Everglades, but then he made a move that lost me and plenty others. When DeSantis decided to change the verbiage to an amendment many of us Floridians voted for (allowing felons to vote), he really lost the respect of a lot of African Americans. 23.3% of African Americans are unable to vote due to having a felony in Florida. For an election, that’s a big loss of votes. Reality is, if these people were able to vote, most likely DeSantis wouldn’t be Governor.
This felt like a betrayal of trust to many Floridians. So one Floridian man has decided to write a letter to DeSantis vocalizing his concern about how the state is operating and what DeSantis could do to help improve Florida. I laughed through this whole letter. The sarcasm was priceless, but he made some valid points.

Take a read, and check me out on Instagram later for a mini podcast on this topic.