Family Friday: Introducing 2Flashy Pearce Family

When it comes to the black culture, it’s typical to see a broken family:
Single mom, dad’s in jail, kids are out of hand, and etc. You seldomly see a black family together like the Huxtables in media. Well it’s time to change it up. It’s very important for the African Diaspora to see more black families in real life. Seeing our kids and black families in a more positive light can influence a psychological and cultural shift within the African Diaspora.

With that being said, meet the 2Flashy Pearce Family. I know this family personally and always have good vibes when I visit. All unique personalities with nothing but positive energy. You’ll always have a good laugh with Patra and can’t help but to buss chune with Stingah Tee. Introducing the 2Flashy Pearce Family.