Artist of the Moment Monday: Tate McRae- All My Friends Are Fake

It’s very intriguing to see how the new generation of music is shifting. I know when I was a teenager, I felt this way. It’s interesting to see that the new generations are experiencing the same dilemmas I had when I was a teenager (90s baby mofoz ✊🏽).

One of the differences is that this new generation has a unique way of expressing themselves [as well as other generations of music]. This song caught my attention a couple weeks ago while I was on the highway driving back into town . I only heard the audio, but felt I needed to see the video. The video had me intrigued as well. I did a little research on this young lady and read that she is from Canada and is a dancer. I hope to see her continuing to pursue her dreams.
My artist of the moment for this week is Tate McRae with her track All My Friends Are Fake.