Family Friday: 2Flashy Pearce Family Poker Challenge

If you all don’t know as yet, I’m EXTREMELY family-oriented. I prefer being with my family and enjoying life with them. Some of the best memories I have are with my family. Who you consider to be family is up to you. My best friend is like my sister, that’s family!

I feel within this current era, we have lost the true sense of family and friendship, but how do we fix that? Simple, we promote how families truly operate in real life and show that all families have the potential to be great when put in a positive and healthy environment.

NO SCRIPTS, just pure fun and good vibes from this family. No drama! I introduced you to the 2 Flashy Pearce Family a couple weeks ago. and I loved how you guys enjoyed their videos. To see people that I know personally have such a positive influence on my supporters and others, is a beautiful thing to see. So I had to share the 2 Flashy Pearce Family again.

Do you have family nights with your kids? Do you hang out with your friends on the weekend and just have a fun night out? Well maybe you should start. 2 Flashy Pearce Family had me wanting to play poker after watching this video and I don’t even know how to play poker 😅, but I felt like I learned a little bit after watching this video. So next Friday, I want you all to get your kids together and have Family Night. It’s so beneficial to building your family bond. Thank you 2 Flashy Pearce Family for showing the world a different and healthy view of family within the African Diaspora.