Artist of the Moment Monday: Farruko- Sorpresa

So growing up in Florida where it’s multicultural, it’s hard to live here and not speak a 2nd language or dialect. A lot of people find it shocking that I can speak Spanish. I still consider myself on an intermediate level because I don’t use it as often as I use to when I lived in Broward County, but people who speak Spanish are always impressed with how well I speak Spanish. I speak English, Suntian, some Spanish, and speak various dialects such as Jamaican Patois, Spanglish, and even some Creole(s).

So I was in a reggaeton vibe this weekend and happen to come across this song. Farruko has been in the game for awhile collaborating with artist such as Daddy Yankee, Akon, Bad Bunny and more. His latest track Sorpresa caught my attention as soon as the beat dropped. Surprise foreal.

This week’s artist of the moment is Farruko with his track Sorpresa.