242 Disability Tuesday

Introducing Mr. Admiral Virgil, the co-founder and President of an organization known as 242 Disability.

Mr. Virgil has been an advocate for disabled people within the Nassau, Bahamas area. Mr. Virgil was in a motorcycle accident (December 17th, 2003) which resulted in a spinal cord injury (T3/T4). Admiral has been in a wheelchair since.

Being in a wheelchair, Admiral got more familiar with the disabled laws in the Bahamas and realized that the laws were inefficient to the needs of the disabled communities of the island. Dealing with this, stirred up a passion in Admiral to start this organization so that he can help all disabled people like himself within his country. Admiral is currently teaming up with other organizations to help bring awareness to the needs of the disabled in Bahamas.

Here at Suntian Naziyon, no matter where you’re located around the world, we’re one people. We wanted to bring awareness to 242 Disability and thank Mr. Admiral and his team for the help they are providing the disable community in the Bahamas.
You can check out the 242 Disability Facebook page by clicking here.