Tekbak Tuesday: Miguel- Waves

What do you consider a song that hasn’t been out long enough to be considered a throw back, but every time you hear it, you jam out like it is one…

If it’s one person I truly enjoyed seeing in concert, it’s this man right here. MIGUEL.

I got to see Miguel perform one year at an AfroPunk Fest in Atlanta. Waves has been one of my party songs for some time. When I got the opportunity to see Miguel perform it, I partied in the crowd like I was at a rave.

Music can bring back so many memories.
You jump in your car, turn on the radio, and there goes your song from back in the day. Whether the song made you happy or sad, that song made you feel a certain way.
When I hear this song, I feel like dancing and living my best life.
Let’s take it back. Tekbak, make sense now. You’ll eventually catch on to the Suntian lengo.

Here’s Miguel with his song Waves.