Artist of the Moment Monday: Lady Leshurr- Carmen

Here’s another artist I rate highly, Lady Leshurr.

I came across Lady Leshurr some years ago. She caught my attention with her unique style and bars. Undoubtedly, her bars are out of this world. She was one of the first artist that I followed when it came to Grime music. Living in America, you rarely here about Grime music, but Lady Leshurr is an artist who’s name resonates with many.

Lady Leshurr has never been one to shy away from the mic when it comes to expressing how she feels. Her sister recently passed away and Lady Leshurr wrote a song in memory of her.

This week’s artist of the moment is Lady Leshurr with her track Carmen.
My condolences to Lady Leshurr and her family. Stay strong and keep your head up.