Watch This Wednesday: Minister Louis Farrakhan on Donahue (1990)

So this intellectual breddren (brother) that’s loved by many within the African diaspora, was banned from Instagram and Facebook. Yes, the one and only Honorable Louis Farrakhan. Luckily, we have other sources these days that we can go to (for a minute Facebook seemed like it was running the internet).

I came across this video on Youtube and had to take a listen. It surprised me how relevant this conversation was back in the 90s, and still is in today’s world. There are so many questions that need to be asked. So many people need to hear our stories coming from OUR history and not a watered-down version that’s taught within some of America’s high school history books.

Is there a lack of understanding between black and white people? Can white and black people really live in an integrated society, or should we really consider separating? Would separation really be a bad thing?
Take a look at this interview.