Trending Tuesday: Eminem Album- Music to Be Murdered By

A few days ago, Eminem released his album Music To Be Murdered By. He should’ve added his name (Eminem) directly after the album title, because he really murdered this album! MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY EMINEM. Yeah, he did just that, MURDERED the music (I mean that in a good way for the ones not familiar with the millennial dialect).

I’m a long time Eminem fan. Growing up, my mum wasn’t a fan of rap, so I had to beg one year for an Eminem album. We didn’t really celebrate Christmas, but one year I got a gift and could clearly tell it was a CD (music was all I ever asked for as gifts). When I ripped it open and seen “The Eminem Show“, I ran straight to my room, locked the door, and started to blast the CD on my electric blue boombox.

I don’t care what anyone says, this man is one of the illest rappers in rap history (debate me on that, you won’t win). He came out of nowhere with this album and had me wondering if the revival of the beef between him and Nick Cannon was actually promotion for this album.
Regardless, the album was fire! Eminem is keeping up with the times. His beats are so modern with the wavy vibe, and he still incorporated the Eminem flavor to EVERY song on this album. Not only were all the songs dope, but the features on this album were all off the chain. Young MA, Ed Sheeran, even Juice Wrld (R.I.P). His tracks featuring Royce 5’9 had me dropping my jaw. Raw and dope (like usual)! What I also loved about this album was the versatility. He had a track that would catch the ears of people who listen to other genres of music more frequently than rap. When I heard the track Farewell which seemed to have sampled Serani’s No Games, I had to clap my hands. A little dancehall vibes as well, how can this album lose? It can’t and hasn’t!

Check out Eminem’s new album Music To Be Murdered By .