Artist of the Moment: Margaux- Cocky

What’s wrong with being cocky 🤷🏾‍♀️.
Absolutely nothing, which is why Margaux is this week’s artist of the moment.

We are living in an era where it is cool to be yourself now (FINALLY).
At one point, you had to look a certain way to even get recognized for your talents, but I feel this generation has had enough of that. They just want someone who is real and Margaux is just that, REAL. She’s bold, doesn’t mind flaunting her love for the color pink, and full of confidence. She’s feeling herself, and why not. To have that type of self-love and embrace it, it is a beautiful thing to see.

I knew that I was feeling this song because I listened to it for a minute, walked into the kitchen to cook up some food, and started to sing the chorus. “What’s wrong with being cocky bihhhhhhhhhh“. It’s hard not to catch a vibe. It’s different from the average songs you hear on mainstream. The beat is wavy, the flow is smooth and sexy, and the hook is catchy as hell. This is a song I can see myself playing while getting fresh before going out to catch some party vibes. You know every girl has those songs she plays to feel herself before she goes out, well this is one of those songs. That “I’m feeling myself” type vibes.

Yesssss gaal! Margaux is this week’s artist of the moment. Check out Margaux’s track Cocky. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.