Artist of the Moment: Alex Mali- Obviously

Whoever said R & B is dead, clearly hasn’t heard of Alex Mali.

It seemed for awhile that R & B was put on the back-burner in comparison to rap and its many varieties, but R & B is gradually coming off of that back-burner. With the new wave of music and a new generation, we’re starting to see the love put back into music. This is what made the 80s and 90s so epic, that love music that made you create babies.

Alex Mali definitely got that soul. Smooth and passionate. I feel everyone can vibe to this. You can feel the emotion with every word that’s being said, it’s hard not to catch a vibe. I can see myself driving on a late Friday night, in my feelings, and blasting this through my speakers (car speakers that I blew 😅).

Check out this week’s artist of the moment Alex Mali with her track Obviously.