Watch This Wednesday: NDO Champ- Grind

This man’s walk alone in his skits will make your whole day.
The first video I came across with NDO Champ was when he kicked a man’s box of donuts out of his hand in a Dunkin Donuts. I died of laughter and thought, “If this man was my personal trainer, I definitely would be scared to eat junk food“.

I can’t trip, this man really has a voice that just motivates you.
NDO is actually an acronym for NO DAYS OFF. NDO Champ works on himself everyday, which is something we all should be doing whether it be physically or mentally. What really had me getting into him more was his background story. I always say you really don’t know someone until you learn about their background.

NDO Champ [Robert Wilmote] was born in Liberia, Africa during the time of the First Liberian Civil War. That war took over 200,000 lives. His family left Liberia and made it to the United States (US). Due to the financial struggle of a single mother with 5 children, NDO Champ took to the streets. Getting caught up in the gangster lifestyle, NDO Champ ended up serving 3 years in prison. This was a reality check for him. Once he was released, he decided to change his life. He picked up a job working within a gym. Little did he know, this would change his life and he would soon realize his calling within fitness.

We all need a little motivation, and sometimes hearing someone’s story can spark some inspiration. Check out NDO Champ’s short documentary Grind. Keep motivating my breddren!