Artist of the Moment: Kenyi, Romans Crew- 808 & Prayers

Kenyi and Romans Crew is this week’s artist of the moment.

So I took a little adventure last week to one of the auditions for the BET Awards in Miami. I was there supporting my cousin, but this was also an amazing opportunity for me to come across new artist and new music. As I entered into Room A, I walked in shortly before these breddrens began to perform. As I tuned in, not only was I impressed with the beat, but the lyricism wasn’t the usual talk you hear in mainstream rap these days. They were talking about God! After they finished performing, they mentioned that they are also here for people who need a prayer and that they would pray for them. The track stood out so much, that I had to get their information.

This week’s artist of the moment are Kenyi and Romans Crew with their track 808 & Prayers. Stay blessed my breddren 🙏🏾.