Trending: Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats- Unlocked

Hands down, Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats made my weekend with this.

I came across Denzel Curry some years ago at an Afropunk Fest in Atlanta. I happened to enter in shortly after he began performing. I was new to Denzel Curry at the time, but as soon as I entered in to the concert, I couldn’t help but to make my way to his stage. HE WAS LIT! He caught my attention instantaneously. I was like, “How have I never heard of this dude and he’s from Florida 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Lyrically, Curry is in his own league. You can’t have an average brain when it comes to dissecting Curry’s lyrics. His bars are hardcore and witty. This video will bring you a sense of nostalgia if you are a 90s baby. A little Scooby-Doo and some Robot Chicken vibes definitely made this video worthwhile. Being a fan of Animation, I was glued to this video. I watched it twice (maybe more now since I wrote this).
I get to see a lot of Curry’s personality in this video. He’s funny and the way he switches his flows up really shows his versatility. I literally cracked a smile when I realized how well he rapped in his DMX voice. I wasn’t ready 😅! The album was fire. Perfect mix for a video game or movie.

Check out Denzel Curry’s album Unlocked featuring Kenny Beats.