Topic Tuesday: Kenyan President Kenyatta Warns World Powers That Africa is not For The Taking

Round of applause to President Kenyatta!

I can’t necessarily say much about President Kenyatta, simply because I don’t live in Africa, but I do like what he’s saying about not allowing World Powers to take advantage of Africa once again.

Africa has the youngest and fastest population (which Kenyatta mentions as well) in the world right now. Many foreign powers are eyeing the country for many reasons. Gold, agriculture, oil an a plethora of natural resources. I’ve been saying for years that Africa will become the new America. Many laughed when I said that, but it is gradually coming into existence.

Over the years, foreign powers such as America, France, and China (just to name a few) have taken advantage of the African continent and left Africa hanging after ripping off the nation of all its resources. Africans all over the world are tired of feeling like the inferior race and are vocalizing it more than ever. We respect Kenyatta for speaking up and standing his ground. It’s time for the Naziyon (Nation) to unite whether in Africa or America. This is a great step for Kenya and the African continent to take. We need more leaders that aren’t willing to bow to Babylon and colonial rule anymore.

Check out this short speech presented by President Kenyatta warning World Powers that Africa is NOT for the taking.