Fwecjo Friday: Sade’ Nicole- Never Go Broke Again

Say that again sistren…

Here’s a little motivation for everyone that is consistently on the grind. This song’s a reminder to keep your head up. It’s nice to hear some real and uplifting words on a track these days, seems scarce.
You never know what someone is going through. You could be talking to someone and not even know what’s going on behind the scenes. We are all hit with different trials and tribulations that mold us into the people we are today, but you have to continue to push through it.
Some of us know this feeling of not having it and pushing hard to not feel that again. Real hustlers know how it feels to be broke, which is why they hustle so hard not to be broke again.

As you enjoy your Friday vibes, check out Sade Nicole with her track Never Go Broke Again to keep your vibes up for the weekend.