Fwecjo Friday: Andre Hustle- Iama King

Andre Hustle is definitely someone you need to keep an eye out for.
Known for his motto “It’s the hustle baby“, this man is truly on the grind. He’s an upcoming music artist, but also an entrepreneur. He seems to be into a little bit of everything. Music, fashion, and who knows what other things he’s working on behind the scenes. He has helped bring life back to the Southwest Florida culture with his hustle type work ethic by creating events for the Southwest Florida community to partake in, especially for the millennial culture.

Fort Myers, a city in Southwest Florida, was named one of the fastest growing cities in 2018 according to Wallethub. It remained in the top 10 fastest growing cities in 2019. Lehigh Acres overtook the number 1 spot in 2019. Regardless, Southwest Florida is growing and Andre Hustle is someone you definitely should get to know, especially if you’re into music.

Here’s Andre Hustle with his track Iama King from his Last King EP.