Artist of the Moment: Stonebwoy- Black People

Even though Black History month has come to an end, that doesn’t mean we should stop embracing our African culture. We should continue to embrace it and vocalize, which is why Stonebwoy is this week’s artist of the week.

I got the opportunity to see Stonebwoy a couple years ago at a Best of the Best concert in Miami. During that time, I only heard Stonebwoy’s name a few times, but never got an opportunity to listen to his music until the concert. I’ve been following him since. One thing I truly respect is a conscious soul on a track, especially when the track has a message to it. Stonebwoy definitely has a message to send with this track.

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to vocalize and speak on how they feel for others to start vocalizing as well. You’d be surprised how many people really feel the same way you do, but won’t vocalize until they hear someone else speak on the matter. I feel that many people are intimidated to speak on how they feel simply because they don’t want to be condemned for their opinion. Everyone feels that they have to be “politically correct” these days, which to some degree restricts your 1st amendment right (Freedom of Speech).

I believe a lot of black people globally can relate to the lyrics of this track. This week’s artist of the moment is Stonebwoy with his track Black People.