Trending: Jadakiss- Ignatius (Album)

Yes! Some real lyricism! You always get that with Jadakiss.

During a transitioning era of music, Jadakiss couldn’t have dropped his album Ignatius at a better time. Back in the days, music wasn’t just about a beat, but the lyricism. For awhile, it seems that some genres of music have been missing that key element, LYRICISM. Yes don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great lyricist out there, but they are overshadowed by this lyrically watered-down mainstream media. The lyricist that really do deserve the likes and follows, don’t get much attention in comparison to the artists who are getting likes and follows simply because of an “image”. It’s more about an image these days rather than actual “lyricism” and “talent”.

Jadakiss has always found a way to stand out in the Hip Hop world with his unique flow, smoothness and lyricism. He knows how to take real life struggles and translate them into a melodic rap flow while delivering a message. He’s keeping it 100 on this whole album. It’s hard not to relate. The whole album is smooth and wavy with a touch of gangster and classy at the same time.

Check out Jadakiss and his latest album Ignatius.