Artist of the Moment: Sa-Roc – Hand of God

If it’s a female lyricist that deserves praise, it’s definitely Sa-Roc.

My homeboy from Cali, put me on to Sa-Roc a couple years ago. He told me I would love her energy, and he was absolutely right.
Her lyricism is on a Queen level, her flow is unmatched, and the conscious messages she delivers in her songs are a plus. When a woman can jump on a mic and utilize her intelligence to grab the world’s attention, it’s a beautiful thing. We’re so caught up in a culture where women aren’t respected for their minds. Many women are willing to objectify their body’s for colored paper because of the attention it brings to them. Women are noticed for their looks, they get paid for their bodies, and are loved when they bow to societies stereotypes of how a women should behave. There are so many women who feel they have to subject themselves to society’s belittling standards of what a woman has to be, instead of utilizing the essence of their femininity to show the world what a woman IS. Beautiful, intelligent, passionate, strong, diplomatic, and more. We’re more than just a body and a cute face, we’re man’s other half. We balance men. We compensate for what men lack and vice versa. I have to show nothing but respect to a woman who knows she’s more than a societal stereotype, she knows she’s royalty. Sa-Roc is a divine and conscious sistren who captivates you not just by her beauty, but by her lyrical content. She has a Goddess type aura that’s so natural that you can’t help but to listen to what she has to say.

This week’s artist of the moment is Sa-Roc with her track Hands of God.