Trending Tuesday: Jessie Reyez- Before Love Came to Kill Us (Album)

Can we say a body of art! That is exactly what this album is, a body of art.

Jessie Reyez really did her thing on this whole album, When Love Comes to Kill Us. Each song is deep, unique, and presents a different dilemma and vibe of what we as humans deal with when it comes to the word LOVE. She discusses love from many different aspects. Cheating, thinking you deserve better, wanting to stay because of love, but knowing you should leave. When you get in arguments with your other half, being told you don’t listen, drowning in your sorrows, anger, and having resentment. Those constant thoughts that run through your head about your relationship, memories, loving someone to death, and not knowing what you would do without their love. When I say this album hits on so many levels, it hits.

Jessie Reyez proves she is a dope artist and is extremely versatile. Even though each song on this album has a different vibe, Jessie Reyez has found a way to make her unique sound flourish on each track.

Check out Jessie Reyez album, When Love Comes to Kill Us.