Fwecjo Friday: Lotto Boyzz- Daily Duppy

You know we’re about diversity within the Suntian culture, so we like to present talent from all over the world. The UK Grime scene has so many different styles, yet its genre is still new to the US. I feel that the genre of Hip Hop is still a little closed off in the States. When you talk about Hip Hop, it’s associated to a fixated ethnic culture in America. They present this culture so much in the States that it seems like Hip Hop can only be one way, when the reality is there are so many different styles of Hip Hop music. I feel the UK Grime scene is still being discovered in the States, but it definitely deserves recognition. The thing that I’m enjoying the most about the UK Grime scene is that the music seems more about the lyrics than just a catchy beat and hook. I’ve been listening to some unique spitters reigning from the UK and their bars are fire. I feel it’s time to shed light on the UK Grime scene and show people that Hip Hop has so many different styles from all over the world and that it’s no longer just an American genre.

Take a listen to Lotto Boyzz with their smooth and real track Daily Duppy.