Artist of the Moment: Tanya Stephens- Yank My Chain

This week’s artist of the moment is the rebel queen and one of reggae’s top bad gyals, Tanya Stephens.

Friday, I got a nice Youtube notification stating that Tanya dropped a new ep/album, “If Whiskey Can’t Fix Me”. Tanya has been one of my top inspirations coming up when it came to music. She always had this political and rebellious bad gyal personality that I gravitated to (maybe because her personality somewhat reminded me of my personality which is political and rebellious). She is never afraid to vocalize on how she feels. She can be sweet, but she definitely is a sistren you wouldn’t want to upset, because that sweetness can turn sour very quickly. Tanya always stands out in the world of reggae with her unique Blues style voice mixed with her rocky vocals, it’s hard for her not to stand out.

What I’ve always loved about Tanya is that she always sings about real life situations. This EP was dope and all love related. She opened up the EP with the track Four20 which gave you those real rasta vibes. I like to call these type of songs Rebel Chunes, which are always my favorite. She then went on to her track If Whiskey Can’t Fix Me which definitely gave me a Blues vibe. I really felt like I should’ve taken a shot of Jack Daniels while listening to this. The hook is so catchy, I found myself randomly singing it. Perfect High was definitely wavy. You know us Millennials love that wavy music! I also call these type of tracks Stoner Music (stoners will totally get what I mean by this). True Believer in Love gave me that old school feel where you would just rock away to the music. Lastly, Yank My Chain, which I think is my favorite track on this EP. It had that rocky edge that I LOVE. I don’t know what it is, but i felt this song the most. I could just feel the passion to this track. I felt like I could feel what she was going through. Plus I’m a rockaz gaal, so you know anything with a rocky vibe I’m going to enjoy.

Overall, the album was fwecjo (fire), as expected. Thank you Tanya for another work of art. Check out Tanya Stephens‘ EP/album If Whisky Can’t Fix Me and her track Yank My Chain.