SPIRITUAL Saturday: Capleton- Some Day

Occasionally, you may catch me posting on a Saturday. As some of you already know, I grew up within a multicultural household, so my religion is somewhat multicultural as well, but I still follow the Sabbath ritual.

From Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, I don’t work. I don’t do anything but enjoy myself, because I feel God has blessed the Sabbath for us to enjoy a day off. I always give my praise to the almighty. I don’t believe that there is a set way to worship God, it’s based upon how you personally connect with the most high. Come as you are, no judgement. Why do we feel that we have to dress up a certain day just to serve God for a few hours? Are we not suppose to serve him everyday? Why is it that only church music is considered Gospel music, when praise can come in various forms? I consider this song Gospel music because it’s worshiping the almighty.

Growing up, I could not really get into what’s considered the stereotypical genre of “Gospel“. You know, the “church” music. Yea there are some Gospel songs I like, but overall, Gospel is not a genre I can click with. I’ve always wondered, “Why is church music only classified as “Gospel” music?” Church isn’t the only place where you can worship the lord. Maybe you worship God within your house with your family. Maybe you have to go out to a secluded area in the wilderness to catch your meditation. Worship comes in various forms. So my definition of Gospel music differs from society’s typical view of gospel music, but this is the music that helps me meditate on God’s works.

So welcome to the realm of Lady Mprez and her version of Gospel music. Here’s one of the first songs I’ll present on this spiritual Saturday. I always catch myself listening to this song to keep my spirit uplifted. No matter what we go through, God will always see us through. Check out Capleton and his track Some Day.

Happy Sabbath and have a blessed rest of the weekend.