Artist of the Moment Monday: Mike Love- These Are My Roots

I don’t know how many times I have to tell the world how much I love rebel chunes (rebel music), but it seems like a new track comes out that makes me excited for more. Mike Love, you got my heart beating right now!

My hubby was telling me about a new riddim that Collie Buddz dropped a few weeks ago and that he was feeling the overall riddim. He said it was on a whole nother level with some serious artist (dope, lit, fire).
I took my hubby to his first concert ever, and it just so happen to be a Collie Buddz concert. My hubby had the time of his life and has been a huge(r) fan since. He mentioned how he believed that this was a Collie Buddz project and that I have to listen to a track featuring a guy named Mike Love. He said I would like his voice. Well, a couple weeks later I see Cali Roots Riddim pop up on my “New Releases Mix” on Youtube Music and the first song on the list was These Are My Roots. Man, when I heard Mike Love’s voice, I had to turn the bass up in the car (Yes I got a new system. If you followed me, you would know I blew my speakers in my last car 😅 ). Smooth and conscious. You can feel the love flowing through his voice. The energy had me rocking. My hubby knows me well! Rockaz type vibes is all me. I listened to the whole riddim and enjoyed every artist on the riddim. I must say this was an amazing project. Mike Love’s voice just stood out to me. I have lost count of how many times I have played his song since I first heard it, but it has been that many! It wasn’t until this past Sunday that I realized their was a video as well.

Keep spreading Jah’s music mi breddren. This week’s artist of the moment is Mike Love with his track These Are My Roots produced by Collie Buddz.

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