Trending Topic Tuesday: Death of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Officer

Please be advice that content may be disturbing to some audiences.

I sometimes wonder as an African American woman “HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE TAKE?” Seeing another black person’s life being taken is never an easy sight because it’s like a reflection of myself or one of my brothers’ lives being taken. I understand that we all live within a system where we have to abide by the law, but what if the law isn’t equal all across the board? What if this system is built to benefit certain people and restrict others? Just because something is a law, it doesn’t make it right. I’ve discussed before how there are so many laws that society is expected to abide to, but these laws were implemented during a different era of time. A lot of these laws we have today are outdated and don’t work within our current society. They’re unjust and are imbalance in regards to our ethics and standards and overall human rights. Our system needs a major update!

How can we be proud to live in a society where a man loses his life for a crime such as forgery? This is the reason George Floyd lost his life. According to the Minneapolis Police Officers who handled the case, they stated that George Floyd got physical and was resisting arrest, but as we can all see in the many viral videos posted on the web, it seems that these officers smudged a few details as to what really went down. Bystanders continued to watch and record as the officer continued to kneel on the neck of George Floyd for over 8 minutes even after George Floyd stated he could not breathe. You can hear the bystanders telling the officers to get off the man and that they could’ve put him in the car, but the officer continued to kneel on George Floyd’s neck as Floyd’s nose started to bleed. Floyd was knocked out cold before the ambulance even arrived.

When will enough be enough for African Americans? When will society see that we are human as well? The latest update we’ve gotten is that the officers on the scene have been terminated. Let’s see how this case progresses. Hopefully justice is served FAIRLY!