Artist of the Moment: Datin- Top Speed Running Featuring Eshon Burgundy & Jeremiah Bligen

Loving the flavor and sound to this one…

Datin is known well in the underground music world, so there’s no denying that this man has got skill. That’s what underground is about, SKILL and RAW TALENT. I love a unique soul on the mic, especially one who’s not afraid to vocalize about what they’re passionate about. Datin definitely displays his passion for God in his content. As a God-fearing woman myself, I admire that.
We’re so use to hearing the usual mainstream rap. You know the repetitive rap that always seems to be about drugs, sex, guns, and violence. Mainstream Rap is really starting to lose its finesse. So when I find an artist that is NOT always talking about drugs, sex, guns or violence, that artist has got my ears. American (Mainstream) Rap’s lyrical appeal has lost its touch. I feel like the music is so dumbed down that it’s hard to label a rap song as a real “CLASSIC” these days because there isn’t any real passion to the music. There’s no real meaning behind the content. So to hear a rapper like Datin that displays passion in his work, gives me hope that American Rap isn’t fully dead. I do have to say American Rap because I listen to all styles of Hip Hop, and the UK Grime scene currently has the lyrical appeal that American Rap once had. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of American rappers trying to keep the art alive, but they are overshadowed by the mainstream artist who are destructing the art of rap.

Datin has a unique and refreshing style. His beats definitely stand out and his lyrical content is on point. The man can really put his feelings together well in a song. That’s ART. Real expression and real passion. This week’s artist of the moment is Datin with his track Top Speed Running featuring Eshon Burgundy & Jeremiah Bligen.