Watch This Wednesday: Was George Floyd a Masonic False Flag Event- Dr. Mumbi

It’s always interesting to hear other’s perspectives on news, current affairs and politics when they’re in different parts of the world. Reality is, that the news is reported differently everywhere. Luckily, with social media, there’s more access to the TRUTH.
Over the years, I feel that society is becoming less reliant on major news networks such as Fox, CNN, and etc, because the news that they report doesn’t seem to be telling the full story. It seems a lot of these big news networks are more interested in ratings and twisting stories than actually preserving the integrity of journalism. What happened to the journalist that cared about delivering the people the truth? Malcolm X once said “The media is the most powerful entity on the Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent. They control the mind of the masses.” This quote seems to reign true because media controls the narrative of the story, so media networks can manipulate the minds of the masses.

So now the question becomes, “How much power does the media really have?” I feel the death of George Floyd isn’t sitting right with a lot of people. There has been so many questions that have arisen due to so much information and so many videos circulating the web, such as “Why didn’t anyone do anything for 8 minutes while Chauvin had Floyd pinned? Did Floyd really know Officer Derek Chauvin before the altercation? Was this staged to ignite rage? Were those police officers that put Floyd on a stretcher, and not paramedics? Why are white protesters causing the most damage when it’s a black movement? Was this pandemic made to initiate Martial Law? Why are ex military soldiers setting places on fire?” There’s a million-in-one questions that are raising eyebrows. How can we actually trust the media at this point when they are delivering a bias and twisted story?

Let’s leave America real quick and hear another perspective on how other countries and nations may be feeling about the death of George Floyd. I present Dr. Mumbi who is from Kenya in Africa. She discusses the death of George Floyd, the videos being presented online, and what she takes away from this situation.