Artist of the Moment: Teyana Taylor- Wake Up Love Featuring Iman

Man, this sistren delivers every time.

Teyana Taylor murdered this one. I’ve been following her for a little while now and each time I hear a song by her, I never know what to expect. I love that about her music. You don’t really know what she’s going to talk about next, but it’s always on some realness. I had my Bluetooth on in my car, and I just started vybn (vibing). I found myself singing the chorus and had to glance down at my monitor to see whose music was penetrating my ears in such a pleasureful way. Like of course, it had to be Teyana Taylor with a solid track! This one is just smooth, sexy, and passionate. Her sultry voice just captivates you. This is a date night type vybz(vibes). This is the song you pull up while you and bae are riding in the car, bass bumping on the speakers, hand in hand, (or hands in places they don’t belong 😅),and just feeling each other out. Woooo yes sistren, you did your thing (like usual)! Teyana is an artist I’m really excited to see grow into her art more and more each song. She doesn’t disappoint.

This week’s artist of the moment is Teyana Taylor with her track Wake Up Love featuring Iman.