Freedom of Speech Friday: Lil Baby- The Bigger Picture

I’ve said it one too many times at this point, but… I RESPECT AN ARTIST THAT CAN SPIT ABOUT REAL LIFE SITUATIONS. Lil Baby, you get madd respect for dropping this one!

During a time of uncertainty within this world, after dealing with a pandemic and then a distasteful video of a breddren of the diaspora being murdered, it’s not easy for people to express how they feel at this moment without their being some type of stress or rage behind it. A lot of hip hop artist can talk about the usual on mainstream (sex, drugs, hoes, ect), but to find an artist willing to get real on a track and spit about current affairs, that is an artist that deserves cred and madd respect from Suntian Naziyon!

Check out Lil Baby and his track The Bigger Picture.