Artist of the Moment: Iann Dior- Sick and Tired Featuring Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker

I think everyone knows by now that I’m a rockaz gaal (rock fan), but to find a song that infuses Rock and Hip Hop together, now THAT’S LIFE!

I’ve been dying to hear more artist of the diaspora jump into the genre of rock. I’ve loved rock music from I was young, but being an African American woman and displaying my love for rock music was a taboo growing up. Now we are entering a new era, an era of being unapologetically Black, being who you are, and not following the stereotypical societal norms. Black people are now realizing that they have been restricted and placed into a box. Just because you’re Black, doesn’t mean you have to do Hip-Hop music. To see a Black person doing Rock music in my day would have had people gasping, but now, it’s becoming more acceptable.

I love this beat, I love the vibe, an am feeling the energy to this track. This week’s artist of the moment is Iann Dior with his track Sick and Tired featuring Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker.