Artist of the Moment: Keznamdi- City Lock Featuring Tory Lanes

Talk about fwecjo 🔥. 🎶 Love everywhere we go…

I love Dancehall, but little by little I find myself being turned off by the Dancehall culture because it is starting to remind me of the current state of the Hip Hop culture, repetitive. Sex, guns, gyal ah bubble and BLAH BLAH BLAH! In Caribbean dialect, RAY RAY RAY! Dancehall use to be a genre of music I would run to to uplift my spirit. To buss a wyn (wine, whine) and be care free. It was a genre full of creativity and still is, but the music isn’t catching my ear as it use to. So when I do find a decent artist (in general), I get excited for their music. Every time I turn this tune on, I get into rebel mode. You know I love Rwebel Chunes all day every day. Keznamdi really brought the heat on this one. It has a modern vibe, yet it still is wavy. The riddim gives it a hard flavor along with the conscious lyricism. City Lock comes off with a militant message, yet it is still full of vybz (vibes). Adding Tory Lanez just made the hook even more catchier.

Check out this week’s Artist of the moment, Keznamdi with his track City Lock featuring Tory Lanez.